How you can save money with us – trial rolls, item combinations, trade show promotions, and more!

Our customers always want to know how they can save a few bucks, and we’re eager to explain how you can do so as a Breathing Color Customer.

Please keep in mind, this post is applicable to USA Customers Only who are purchasing from us directly.

1. Trial Rolls, which we sell at Cost

The reason we offer trial rolls is to enable our customers to thoroughly evaluate each product and experience firsthand the elite standing of the Breathing Color line.

Most of our trial rolls are sized at 17”x10’, which is enough material to evaluate the print quality, build an ICC profile, show potential clients, and to practice laminating and stretching.

We offer these trial rolls close to our manufacturing cost to keep the trial investment as low as possible for our customers.

Here’s some examples of trial roll prices:

Lyve Canvas – only $29
Chromata White Canvas – only $28
800M Canvas – only $25
Elegance Velvet, Textured Fine Art Paper – only $24.95
Optica One, Smooth Fine Art Paper – only $25
600MT Décor Art Paper – only $19.99
Vibrance Luster Photo Paper – only $9.95
Vibrance Baryta – only $30

2. Volume Discount (17% and 27% off)

For most of the items on our website, in the pricing area, you will notice columns that show “$250+” and “$1000+” item pricing discounts.

This means that this item is “discountable” and therefore can be grouped together with any other “discountable items” on our website in order to obtain a volume discount.

If your subtotal exceeds $250 dollars, you will receive a 17% discount on those items. Similarly, if your subtotal exceeds $1000 dollars, you will receive a 27% discount on those items.

We encourage you to take full advantage of this discount structure by making us the primary source for any items that you use regularly.

You might be a big fan of our canvas, but have you seen our state-of-the-art fine art papers? Did you know that Optica One smooth fine art paper and Elegance Velvet textured fine art paper provide the highest print quality in their respective product categories?

It is a good idea to flip through our sample book and review the products section of our website to see which other Breathing Color products may work for your business, as they can lower the cost of the products that you are already using from Breathing Color.

3. Email Promotions

If you’re not getting our weekly email promotions, make sure you sign up by filling out the newsletter box on our homepage.

Based upon our inventory levels and marketing needs, we regularly offer amazing discounts for particular items or groups of items (at random).

Many of our customers take these opportunities to try new products, or stock up on the products they already use to fully maximize their savings.

4. Trade Show Promotions

You have to be physically at our booth in order to take advantage of these promotions, but we usually offer great discounts on the trade show floor.

We love meeting our customers in person, and this is just another way to save a few bucks.

Check our Facebook or Twitter page to see if we are exhibiting at an upcoming trade show that you plan on attending.

5. Follow our Blog, and find Embedded Discounts

We offer posts, tutorials, tips, podcasts, videos, and interviews with experts that we hope will help you grow your printmaking business and knowledge.

To compliment those posts we offer discounts that coincide with the specific blog post subject material. i.e if the post is about canvas you might see 15% off canvas coupon. The discounts are completely at random and are time sensitive —usually lasting only a few days.

So be sure to check back often to not miss out on the latest discount, or you can subscribe to have the posts delivered to you via email. We don’t SPAM ever and you can unsubscribe at any time.