Allure v2.0 is here! Version 2 is updated with reinforced packaging, a stronger carrier, the perfect protective Release Liner, and more.

The outstanding print quality which has made Allure so popular has not changed. With this new version, we bring several improvements to the packaging, the full-bleed carrier and more, which makes Allure easier to use and more consistent with your Epson printer.

Our customers all over the world have been so excited to be able to print directly to rigid metal with their Epson printers.

Many photo labs, artists, and photographers have adopted Allure as their solution for offering the highest-quality metal prints on the market. Some have just now started offering metal prints, others have converted from dye sub, or are offering Allure prints for their more discerning customers in conjunction with dye sublimation for the lower end of the market.

Overall, Allure has been a very exciting ride. The ride has had its bumps along the way though!

We have listened closely to your feedback and concerns and have made some very important changes to Allure accordingly. Changes that we want to share with you here today.

Here is how we have upgraded Allure to a better product:

Reinforced Packaging

Our newly-engineered product boxes have been redesigned to protect from damage that we found happening during shipping, which sometimes resulted in difficulty loading Allure Metal into the printer smoothly.

Our new boxes have the appropriate “crush zone” inside, around the edges, to account for the inevitable bumping and bruising of the outer box that happens during shipping.

Stronger Carrier

Our patented Allure Metal carrier system is unique. There is nothing else like it in the industry. We’ve quickly found ways to improve our first version, which corrects possible damage during shipping and some warping in humid environments.

Our new and improved carriers are now made of more rigid material which, coupled with our new boxes, do not get damaged on their way to you. The new material is also more resistant to moisture changes, so that they do not warp with humidity.

Increased Stock Levels

You may have noticed that we often took longer to ship Allure Metal than it takes to ship other Breathing Color products you know and love.

Allure sales were higher than we anticipated. This left us almost immediately back ordered and we continued to have a difficult time catching up with incoming orders.

Fixing this issue with stock levels was a critical improvement we focused on while preparing for this announcement. We have since staffed up in our packaging department and stocked our shelves with new boxes of Allure.

The Perfect Protective Release Liner

The printable surface of Allure must be protected as it travels to you. This means a removable release liner with the perfect tack strength: not too hard to peel off, but not too easy either so that it remains attached until you are ready to print.

Finding this perfect liner was tougher than we expected. You may have seen some sheets with lines or creases, or liner that was already peeling off when you opened the box.

We are confident we have finally found the PERFECT liner and have thankfully put these issues far behind us.

Flat Sheets

After receiving occasional reports from customers that Allure sheets were not flat, we went to work on figuring out why.

What we discovered is that the raw metal manufacturing process can often result in bowed or warped sheets.

After serious discussions with our supplying partners and some adjustments to the quality check processes, these kinks have been worked out and Allure Metal sheets are flat.

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