Allure Metal Print with ArtResin

Carrie Servos Gets Creative Coating Allure Metal Prints with ArtResin® a High-Gloss Epoxy Resin

Carrie’s desire for the ultimate shine has sent her on a mission to find a high-gloss coating that she could use to protect as well as amplify the colors and clarity of her Allure Metal Prints. Without using laminate films or the need for a lamination machine.

“Every time I print on one of the Allure panels I’m blown away by the quality of the print using the Epson P800. The colour and crispness of the uncoated print is amazing, and the wide colour gamut of the Allure panel provides really accurate colour reproduction of the image with properly colour calibrated equipment.”

~ Carrie Servos


Allure Fine Art Metal Print from Epson P800
Photo by: ©Carrie Servos. Printed on 16″x24″ Allure panel using the Epson SureColor P800

After a bit of research Carrie discovered ArtResin® a high-gloss epoxy resin that can coat a wide variety of materials. ArtResin® is unique to other epoxy resin’s due to a myriad of factors that make it much easier to work with, in smaller environments.

Safe : No VOC’s, No Fumes, No Solvents, Safe for Home Use
Clear : A High-Gloss, Crystal Clear Coating that is Non-Yellowing and Protective
Easy : Self Leveling

“I love the Allure panel and so many of your other products too. From the first moment I printed on Allure last year I was blown away by the print quality, and when you introduced the carrier for the panel it was a game changer. I’m excited to try Allure 2.0 once it is available here in Canada.”

~ Carrie Servos


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Carrie has done an amazing job documenting her experience using ArtResin®. She shows you step-by-step how she uses the coating on Allure. Her detailed photos and video make it very simple to try yourself!


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