Apple 5K display review

Reviewing the new Apple 5K display, and a tutorial on converting images to sRGB JPEGs for soft proofing.

Most consumer-grade monitors won’t cut it for color-critical media editing, but expensive wide gamut monitors can be out of reach for many. So where does the Apple Retina 5K display, included with the new iMac, fit in? Professional photographer Renée Besta talks pros, cons, specs, and more on the new Apple display to pin down who would benefit from purchasing it, and who wouldn’t.

Later in the show, Renée lays out a workflow to soft proof sRGB JPEGs that were originally shot in ProPhoto RGB or Adobe RGB (written tutorial with screenshot for this process available in show notes).

  • Apple’s new 5K display – Specs, uses, pitfalls, & more
  • Why the new iMac can be a great deal
  • Why the new iMac can be a not so great deal
  • Colorimetric vs. perceptual rendering intents – There’s no hard rule on which to use
  • Why Breathing Color’s custom ICC profiles say to use perceptual, and why you can ignore this if you know what you’re doing
  • Converting a ProPhoto or Adobe RGB file to an sRGB JPEG to send to a lab for c-prints
  • Soft proofing – view in original color space or output color space?
  • Soft proofing sRGB JPEGs is harder than ProPhoto

Listen in to hear the Apple 5K display review and learn about soft proofing

Show Notes

  • Listeners featured in this episode include Dave Singh from STM Graphics, and Bob Nardi from
  • Full specs on the Apple 5K Display can be found here.
  • Download Renee’s additional information and resources from this episode including tutorials for converting ProPhoto/Adobe RGB images to sRGB JPEGs and soft-proofing in Photoshop or Lightroom by clicking here.
  • Check out Renee’s website at
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