Automatic Head Cleaning Failed

What an “Automatic Head Cleaning Failed” error can mean for the longevity of your machine. Plus, a discussion on the differences between the Epson 7890 and 7900.

Ron Ardito, Epson technician and frequent guest of the show, handles a few rapid-fire listener questions this week before diving into more in-depth topics such as the Automatic Head Cleaning Failed error and a discussion comparing the Epson Stylus Pro 7890 to the 7900.

  • Tracking ink usage digitally without wasting paper?
  • Not getting black after power cleans but all other colors are fine
  • Epson 7890 vs. 7900 for a low volume printmaker
  • Thinking about how long Epson will support a printer when considering which one to buy
  • Failed automatic head cleaning messages and what they mean for the longevity of your machine
  • Much more!

Listen in to learn about Automatic Head Cleaning Failed error

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