A new addition to our educational library: The Breathing Color eBook “Varnishing Tips and Tricks”. If you really want to master the art of varnishing, you won’t want to miss the information that’s packed in here!

At Breathing Color, we have always given our best efforts to provide comprehensive information on printing, varnishing, stretching, and so much more.

Tutorial documents, instructional videos, podcasts, and articles from the experts are just a few things we’ve completed for you.

As we continue to add new articles and videos to The Art of Printmaking and our website, we realized that this information needed to be packed into one place. So we started by created an eBook on “Varnishing Tips and Tricks”.

With the eBook format, you can easily share each video and article we’ve written on varnishing with one webpage.

Click on the image below to read through our Varnishing Tips and Tricks:

***You can also download this eBook as a PDF! While viewing the eBook in full screen, click on the Download PDF button at the top of the screen.

We have more eBooks on the way, and would love to get your input! What topic would you like to see covered in our next eBook?

About the Author

Nick Friend, President of Breathing Color, Inc., is a principle-centered entrepreneur who has over 15+ years of experience in developing and executing innovative sales and marketing strategies as well as building, training, and leading national and international sales forces. His ability to recognize market opportunities, build successful business models, and lead organizations has been demonstrated with multiple business ventures. Mr. Friend was honored by the Orange County Business Journal's "Excellence in Entrepreneurship Awards" in 2007 & 2008.

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