Check out some of our coolest customer videos that show varnishing, canvas stretching, and more!

Here at Breathing Color, we would like to share some of our favorite videos that our customers have created. We’ve chosen some of the coolest customer videos on the web, and these videos showcase our customers using our products in their own creative way.

In no particular order, here we present our coolest customer videos:

Description: Ken Doo demonstrates the durability of our Glamour 2 Giclee Varnish.

Video by:

Ken Doo
Ken Doo Photography
To see Ken Doo’s blog with this video, please visit Ken Doo Photography’s Blog

Description: Marc Leftoff shows us his “technique” for varnishing canvas giclee prints.

Video by:

Marc Leftoff
Gallery Street
Visit Gallery Street’s YouTube Channel for more great videos!

Description: Scott Moore explains Bellevue Fine Art’s innovative spray booth

Video by:

Scott Moore
Bellevue Fine Art Reproduction
Visit Bellevue Fine Art’s YouTube Channel for more great videos!

Description: Leon Jiminez illustrates his process for hand embellishing a canvas giclee print

Video by:

Leon Jiminez
LA Artwork
See more of Leon’s artwork by viewing his gallery HERE

Description: Michael Eivaz takes us through the step-by-step process of varnishing and stretching a canvas print

Video by:

Michael Eivaz
Michael Eivaz Photography
See Michael’s Featured Gallery by clicking HERE

If you have a creative video using our products, we would love to see it! If you would like to send us a video, please use our Contact Form to send us the link and any details you would like to include.