Buying a Used Printer

Some tips on how to buy a used printer – what to look for when shopping for a printer in person, what tests to run on a printer, and more.

We interview Ron Ardito, who has been installing and servicing Epson printers since they started printing color, and ask him about best practices for buying a used printer.

Is it safe to hit up eBay? What are some warning signs that a used printer has been poorly serviced? Find out on this episode of #AskBC.

  • Ron’s preferred methods for finding the right used printer
  • Buying new vs. used: benefits, drawbacks
  • What to look for when shopping for a printer in person
  • Used purchase horror stories
  • What tests to run on your newly purchased unit to ensure it’s in fully working order

Listen in to learn about how to find and purchase a high quality used printer

Show Notes


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