what is color depth

Answering “What is color depth?”, the tools you need to work in 16-bit, and how to solve common color depth related workflow issues.

Most people know that a higher color (or bit) depth will give you more colors, but may be asking, “What is color depth and how does it work?” Do you have to buy new equipment? Do you even need those extra colors?

This special, two-part episode is all about clearing the cobwebs around color depth (wait, 8-bit is the same thing as 24-bit???) – Renee Besta joins the show to talk about what bit depth is, how to achieve 16-bit output, as well as the solutions to color depth related issues that can result from not knowing how to properly manage your workflow from start to finish.

  • An introduction to color depth
  • Where those bit depth numbers come from
  • How you can be working in 8 bit and 24 bit at the same time
  • Is 16-bit only for “purists”?
  • Can printers handle 16-bit?
  • Mismatched bit depth issues
  • Apple’s Yosemite OS and color depth
  • Camera settings
  • Color vs. Cost
  • Much more!

Listen in to learn about color depth

Show Notes

Ready for more on color depth?

Renee has sent us some additional notes and links to complete her discussion on this episode. They’re available for free as a PDF below.

→ CLICK HERE to download.

Part Two

This conversation continues in Part Two of this episode. To listen, Click Here.

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