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Epson Stylus Pro 7900 & 9900 Audio FAQ – Code 10 error, printing without the green channel, and more!

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We interviewed long-time Epson technician Ron Ardito on the maintenance and operation of the Epson 7900 and 9900 in order to share his answers with you. Ron is a frequent guest on our printmaking podcast #AskBC, and an absolute expert in the field. No more shoddy answers, here’s information you can trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Epson 7900 & 9900

1. Should I be turning my 7900/9900 off between each use? What about over long periods of time?


2. What’s the best environment to store a 7900/9900 in? Is there an ideal temperature?



3. What can I do to properly maintain a 7900/9900?



4. Can I wipe off the printhead myself if it gets dirty?



5. Should I run an automatic nozzle check after a period of non-use?



6. What fails most often on the 7900/9900?



7. What triggers the Code 10 error and how can I fix it?



8. Scenario: My 7900/9900 has been turned off for 3 years. Now that I’m ready to use it, should I expect it to work?



9. Scenario: My printed images are coming out short in the feed direction. Is there a remedy for canvas shrinkage when printing with the 7900/9900?



10. Can I print without the green channel?



11. Should I use automation software to send regular print jobs to my printer when I am away?



12. Is it safe to use non-Epson inks on my Epson 7900/9900?



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We’re always looking to expand our FAQ offerings, but don’t always know what problems end users will run into.

If there’s a question you’d like to see answered in our Epson 7900/9900 FAQ, you can submit it to Ron by clicking here.

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