Hard proofing

Hard proofing without breaking the bank, and solutions for mounting photo prints.

Hard proofing is the best way to get a feel for how your final print will turn out, but it can be costly! In this episode, Justin covers a few tricks for getting the most for your money when hard proofing. He also covers a few solutions to mount photo prints to rigid substrates to display them without glass, and answers a listener question on the risks of using Glamour II and other water-based varnishes to seal inkjet photo prints.

  • The bad news on sealing inkjet photo prints with a water-based varnish
  • Photo papers that can be varnished
  • Using aerosol varnish
  • Hard proofing – how to do it without wasting too much media
  • Mounting to a rigid substrate with Miracle Muck
  • Mounting to a rigid substrate with Glamour II
  • Mounting to a rigid substrate with a lamination process
  • Much, much more!

Listen in to learn about hard proofing and mounting prints

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