This post will show you how to import custom media settings into the Canon iPF6300 and 8300 printers.

In our previous blog post, we discussed a workflow procedure for printing targets on the ColorMunki through the Canon iPF Print Plug-In (for the 6300 and 8300 printers). This post will show you how to create your own custom media settings for each media you print on to the Canon iPF6300/8300, but will also show you how to import settings created by other users.

Canon includes the Media Configuration Tool for completing these functions. The Media Configuration Tool allows you to dial in customized settings depending on the media you are printing. It also allows you to export your settings into an am1 file, or import another am1 file.

At Breathing Color, we provide these am1 files free to our customers. The Media Configuration Tool creates a native file which has the “am1” file extension. This file holds the head height, vacuum strength, black ink type, maximum ink capacity, feeding calibration, and the product name.

Unlike Epson printers (which only has the ability to use existing paper types and modify them), Canon allows you to create a media type from scratch and name it to your specifications.

The first video below will show you how to Import a custom media file from our website into your printer. The second video below will show you how to create a new media file from scratch. In that particular video we are using Lyve Canvas as the example.

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