Layout Software

Layout software as a lightweight alternative to RIPs, plus tips on setting up a printer network for a handful of computers.

Scott Martin, a color management and print workflow consultant, joins the show to talk about layout software – a good middle ground for printmakers that don’t want or need to dive into the world of “full blown” RIPs. Scott also helps out a listener that’s looking to streamline their small two­-machine printer network.

  • Introducing Scott Martin – A new #AskBC expert
  • Using layout software instead of RIPs for a more lightweight solution
  • Examples of layout programs
  • How to know if you really do need a RIP (Nesting, high volume, and more)
  • Simplifying a listener’s printing workflow
  • Best approach to hook up 5 Macs to 2 printers
  • Photographers vs. graphic designers – different needs when it comes to RIPs
  • Much more!

Listen in to learn about layout software, RIPs, and printer networks

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