By popular demand, we’re adding a few new sizes of Allure to your full line-up of options for creating stunning metal prints.

Allure Fine Art Metal is the ideal solution for extremely high-quality metal prints.

Traditionally, metal prints have been created through the dye sublimation process, but there are a number of notable benefits that you gain by being able to print directly to metal using Allure – increased longevity, higher detail and resolution, and the ability to use your existing printer, to name a few.

For more about Allure, visit the product page for full details + pricing.

New Allure Sizes

Today, we’re expanding our line-up of Allure sizes to include a few of your most-frequently demanded options:

  • 4″x6″

  • 5″x7″

  • 24″x36″

We couldn’t be more excited!

These new sizes are available and in-stock right now.

Note that the 4×6 and 5×7 sizes come 2-up on the cardboard carrier which measures only about 9″x14″ overall, so these can easily be printed on the 13″ and 17″-wide Epson printers such as P600, P800, etc. Of course they will work with the larger models such as P7000, P9000, etc. as well.

For a full list of compatible printers, see the “Details” tab here.

These new sizes are perfect for printing on-demand metal prints for your customers. Think about taking these to art shows. Sell them for $20/ea, something that cost you less than $3 to make. The possibilities are endless!

Below, watch Breathing Color staffers Michael and Clay printing a sheet of 5″x7″ panels through our Epson P800 in the office. It is super easy, and the prints come out perfectly:

Get Started Now

We’ve taken the guess work out of it. Here’s how to started printing 4×6 and 5×7 metal:

  1. Start by downloading our Photoshop image templates.
  2. Open the PNG template
  3. ‘File > Place’ your images
  4. Size them to the grey squares, which include the necessary bleed space (Pro tip: temporarily decrease the layer opacity of your image for easy alignment.)
To check out our full range of sizes, or pick up an Allure Starter Kit
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Is there a size you’ve been dying to see? Have other questions about Allure? Drop a comment below!