photography in sunlight and photographing the moon

Professional photography tips for working around the sun, photographing the moon, and must-have equipment for shooting landscapes.

When shooting outdoor photography, there are many factors you must consider in order to capture powerful images.

If these factors aren’t considered, you may end up with washed out images or even an aching back.

In this episode of AskBC, we interview Kevin O’Connor on what it takes to photograph the Sun, Moon, and Earth.

How should you change your approach as a photographer when shooting photography in sunlight? What’s it take to get a great photo of the moon? And what are the must-have (and must-leave-behind) pieces of equipment for shooting landscapes on the fly?

Listen in to learn how to photograph the Sun, Moon, and Earth


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–28:05: How the brightness and location of the sun can change how you approach an outdoor shoot
–23:46: How to optimize your shooting for photography in sunlight
–20:25: Tips for photographing the moon
–16:56: Some tools that are important to photograph the moon
–13:42: How to pack for a landscape shoot and some of the most efficient tools to bring
–09:00: Specific brands of camera bags that Kevin recommends
–06:47: Shooting with camera filters – different types of filters to use

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