Print Permanence and Longevity

Renée Besta covers what print permanence means, how it’s achieved, and the truth behind 3 of the most common false claims often made about longevity.

How long a print will last is a subject of great confusion and controversy on the internet – you may have seen arguments about this topic in printmaking forums.

The truth is, there’s a ton of misinformation, false assumptions, and plain old lies floating around out there about what makes a print last 100 years.

Renée Besta joins the AskBC podcast this week to set the record straight. She’ll cover 3 of the most prevalent false claims about print permanence, separating fact from fiction and sharing truths she’s learned from deep research and extensive printing experience.

For the first assumption… Did you know longevity is not purely dependent upon the printer, ink, and paper used?

Listen in to learn about the 3 print permanence false claims and the truth about longevity


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–29:56: A brief overview of what print permanence actually means
–27:33: Why print permanence is important and should be considered
–23:45: Where to get the right information on print permanence
–18:15: False assumption #1: Believing that the longevity of photographs is purely dependent upon the printer, ink, and paper used
–16:27: The lack of print education and fake “experts”
–13:02: False assumption #2: Believing that all printers and papers are more or less equal
–08:30: The impact of OBAs on print longevity
–06:32: False assumption #3: Believing that the quoted Wilhelm Imaging Research “years on display” are absolute numbers
–03:36: A quick summary on how to achieve a 100-year print

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