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Color management tips to achieve color accurate results – print profile hardware/software, colorimeters/spectrophotometers, ICC profiles, and more!

Color management is a pretty huge deal. If you get your output media settings wrong, you’re looking, at best, at walking away with a print that doesn’t look much like your original image.

At worst, well, you could run into some pretty funky results that render your prints unusable.

In this episode of AskBC, Kevin O’Connor joins us to talk about his recommended print profile hardware, and answers a round of questions for listeners having trouble with profiling and color management.

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–30:18: The skinny on the state of hardware and software for print profiling in 2016
–22:50: When it’s necessary to upgrade – taking the step from a ColorMunki to an i1 Pro 2
–18:31: The best way to scan prints with color accurate results – if a scanner RGB is a good color space to work in or if a custom color profile would yield better results
–07:50: If it’s okay to select SRGB or Adobe RGB within the printer driver when doing a final profile print

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