print varnish tips

In this week’s episode, we cover print varnish tips and common problems relating to varnish application. Mixing, timing, using custom ICC profiles, handling a HVLP spray gun, and more.

When it comes to print varnish’s great power, there comes great responsibility.

Without using the proper varnish application techniques, you can end up with bubbles on your canvas, or prints can come out too dark or too light. It can become frustrating when you encounter varnish problems especially after spending countless hours editing, color managing, and printing your work.

In this week’s episode, our very own Justin Bodin covers questions all about print varnish. He addresses some common problems associated with print varnish and provides solutions to make your print varnishing experience, well, responsible.

Even if you may not be facing problems with coating your prints now, it’s always great to know solutions before you actually experience it yourself.

  • Whether to use varnish on a metal inkjet image
  • Stacking or mixing different types of varnish
  • The timing between applying varnish and stretching the canvas
  • Mixing a varnish container that doesn’t have a large enough opening
  • Measuring ICC profiles for canvases with or without varnish applied
  • Checklist to use when handling a HVLP spray gun
  • Much more!

Listen in to learn about print varnish tips and common problems

Show Notes

Ready to master varnish? We have compiled the links to every single post, guide, and tutorial we’ve ever written on the subject of print varnish into a single, epic PDF.

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