Printer Errors

In this week’s episode, we provide some solutions to unexplained printer errors. Failed nozzle checks, horizontal banding, code 10 errors, and more.

As our listeners continue to write in to AskBC to ask our experts for help and advice, we’ve found many of you are having printer problems that don’t come with an easy solution.

This week, Epson technician Ron Ardito brings his expert knowledge to the show to discuss a few printer errors that seemingly happen out of nowhere. We take the mystery out of these unexplained malfunctions to reveal what’s really happening to your printer and what you can do to fix it.

  • Failed nozzle checks on a single color when the other colors check fine
  • Horizontal banding in the black areas of a print – what’s going on?
  • Removing banding after you’ve tried all traditional fixes
  • Can RIPs lead to banding?
  • What to do if your status monitor isn’t showing ink levels
  • Can you use an abridged driver for an Epson printer?
  • Code 10 errors – what do they mean? What’s the fix?

Listen in to learn about unexplained printer errors

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