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Keep your wide format printer running longer with our ongoing printer maintenance tips – how to prevent head strikes, avoid breakdowns, and more.

Many people who make their own prints are unaware of the fact that, like cars, printers need routine maintenance and cleaning. Professional photographer and printmaker Renee Besta joins us on this episode to address these issues and the myriad of problems that may otherwise result.

Some of these tips can be done by anyone, while others may require a service technician. It depends on how mechanically inclined you are. However, most of the cleaning procedures mentioned in this episode can be performed without an expensive service call. And, in fact, will prevent one.

Don’t have time to listen to the entire episode? Check the show notes (below) for a PDF download you’ll be interested in.

  • Beware of bad (non-professional) advice on the internet
  • Why completing regular printer maintenance is important
  • Why it’s crucial to use your printer every week no matter what
  • Firmware updates – they matter
  • Environmental concerns (especially if you’re printing from your garage)
  • A better way than a nozzle check to monitor color accuracy
  • Ink quality and clogged nozzles – a tip to maintain pigments inks
  • Keeping your printhead moist
  • An overview of how wide format printers work and which points need to be cleaned regularly
  • Recommendations for good cleaning solutions
  • Things to look out for when printing on thick third party papers
  • Much more!

Listen in to learn about ongoing printer maintenance tips

Show Notes

Want to dive deeper into Renee’s printer maintenance tips?

She has provided us with a PDF with additional resources and information including YouTube videos on maintenance and an extensive written list of her best tips.

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