Prints come out dark

Tips for getting accurate color, and troubleshooting prints that come out too dark.

Professional photographer and printmaker Renée Besta is back this week to talk about getting accurate color out of your prints, as well as why prints can come out darker than they look on the monitor. She also covers more on black and white printing with Epson’s ABW mode – a topic first introduced on Episode 15 of #AskBC.

  • Is it possible to match color between two different printers?
  • Soft proofing as a last ditch effort to match color
  • Which method is better: using ICC profiles, or using Epson’s Advanced Black and White mode?
  • Third party tools that improve color workflow
  • Avoiding “double color management”
  • Doing heavy color management on a Mac? You might not want to update your Epson drivers…
  • Mac vs. Windows when it comes to color management
  • Printing black and white – better to shoot in color or grayscale?
  • Prints that come out too dark: what’s the deal?
  • Don’t cheap out on your display
  • Much, much more!

Listen in to learn about color accuracy and why prints come out dark

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