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Quick answers to a variety of printmaking FAQs covering Breathing Color media, printer issues, shipping recommendations, and print varnish.

In volume two of our “Rapid Fire” series (missed part 1? Click here), we open up the listener questions grab bag and knock down a stack of questions on Breathing Color media, printer issues, shipping recommendations, and print varnish techniques.

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–13:00: Why you can’t roll coat Crystalline canvas
–11:02: The thickness of Vibrance Photo Matte
–10:26: The issue behind the periodical cleaning cycles when powering up the Epson 7890
–09:45: Painting with acrylics over a digital print on canvas after it’s been varnished
–09:01: If corner protectors are necessary for shipping prints
–08:35: Where to find carrying cases for gallery wrap prints
–06:52: Not being able to print sharp images on watercolor paper with the Epson P800
–03:59: An alternative way to varnish prints for only $5-6 dollars
–03:13: The shelf life of print varnishes and if it’s okay to varnish past the expiration date

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