rapid fire questions with justin

Updates, a series of rapid fire printmaking FAQs, and a replay episode on cleaning and maintaining your printer.

This week, Justin offers some updates, tackles some “rapid fire” listener questions, and replays an old episode of AskBC. Tune in to hear Justin answer a series of quick questions about topics such as: print paper, turn buttons, and coating.

Later, a replay of episode 9 in which Justin interviews certified Epson technician Ron Ardito and asks him how to properly clean, maintain, and store a wide format printer.

  • Printing on the back side of a one-sided printable paper
  • Breathing Color paper that can be printed on both sides
  • Information about Turn Buttons
  • Safest method to remove dust and airborne grime from our coatings
  • Whether a coat of Timeless is enough protection to avoid putting a print behind glass
  • The best paper for acrylic face mounting
  • Much more!

Listen in to hear the answers to printmaking FAQs

Show Notes

Want to read Justin’s Rapid Fire Q&A’s rather than listen? Click below to download the text transcription of this episode.

Includes a bonus question and answer not available in the audio version!

→ BONUS: Download the Rapid Fire Q&A including a bonus question!

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