Photos of The Iceland Wall
The Iceland Wall

Breathing Color’s Signa Smooth 270 inkjet fine art paper was recently used by Martin Bailey to complete a stunning exhibition in Canon’s new showroom and museum at their headquarter campus in Tokyo, Japan.

A few weeks ago, we received an email from our friend Martin Bailey in which he asked us to rush over a few rolls of Signa Smooth 270 art paper to his studio in Tokyo.

We were thrilled to hear he was planning to use the Signa for an upcoming project with Canon. Here’s a quick look at how that event took shape.


canon logo on building

Not open to the general public, Canon’s campus in Shimomaruko in Tokyo is a gorgeous space. Fantastic designs with clean white lines are the first thing I noticed when looking at Martin’s photos of the space.

The showroom features their current camera body lineup around a center island, and a separate display for all of their lenses. There is also a tall, circular glass cabinet which showcases basically every camera that Canon has ever made. This place is enough to make any Canon fan drool.

It’s so exclusive that we weren’t even able to feature photos of the showroom and exhibition space in this post. So be sure to read on and visit Martin’s blog post where he has photos of both.


Photo of The England "Roots" Wall
The England “Roots” Wall

Martin titled the exhibit “Silence & Life” which he says signifies his feelings of being alive when he’s photographing.

“Being in the zone in the field often places me in a Silence from which I recall the work, but I also get a sense of Silence from much of this work.”

He says he also gets a heightened sense of Life through his experiences in different places and with different people he has had the opportunity to encounter.

Martin starts the exhibit showcasing photos taken in England, his native country. From there it flows to photos he took in Namibia, a country in Southern Africa that he frequents, offering tours and workshops. The exhibit continues around the globe to Iceland, and finishes in Japan.

Altogether, this wonderful collection of Martin’s photographs results in a extraordinary display of fine, high quality imagery. So we know where they were shot…but how were they printed?


Martin had about 84 feet of wall space to fill, and Canon gave him the freedom to choose any paper he preferred.

We were delighted to hear that Signa was his go-to choice. Martin explained that he has really been enjoying this paper after getting familiar with it during his in-depth review on his blog. Being certified archival and optical brightener-free, Signa is the perfect fit for a space that demands the utmost in quality.

Martin, never afraid to go BIG with his prints, made some as large as 44″ x 66″ (5.5′) using his Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 44″-wide printer.

Large Signa Print on Canon PRO-4000
44″x66″ Print on the Canon PRO-4000

In his blog post, Martin goes into detail about the entire process: upsizing his images using On1 Perfect Resize, printing through Canon Print Studio Pro, a strict print drying schedule, studio space challenges, and having to pull a reprint or two of these massive prints.

Make sure you read Martin’s full post and, if you’re in Tokyo, be sure to join him at the Canon campus on April 16th.