Watch the tenth Artist’s Corner episode now.

In this episode of The Artist’s Corner we take a tour through the FinerWorks print fulfillment facility and sit down with their owner James Theopistos.


FinerWorks has been in business for over 20 years and works with 8,000 artists and photographers on an annual basis. They are a shining example of a print fulfillment company that understands the craft of printing and the needs of their customers.


That pursuit of quality is why Breathing Color is excited to partner with FinerWorks as the first print fulfillment partner for the up and coming Artist’s Corner website.


As one of the worlds largest inkjet media manufacturers Breathing Color acts as a hub for the art world. As that hub we are excited to build an ecosystem that bridges the gap between Artists and the education, resources, and partners like FinerWorks that are necessary to succeed at the business of art.


We hope you’ll join us in this collaborative pursuit as we launch this ecosystem right here, on The Artists Corner.