Watch the second Artist’s Corner episode now.

In this episode of The Artist’s Corner we are introduced to Julz LaForest a local Austin artist who has been painting for 4 years and selling her originals on weekends while working a full-time job during the week.

Like Julz many artists feel isolated, and think they must build their business alone. However, all an artist may need to reach that next level of success is a little help, and sometimes all that it takes to get help is to ask for it.

Asking for help requires accepting that we don’t know it all, and as Julz states, she’s tried the at home method of capturing and printing her art without much success. That means Breathing Color’s goal is to partner her with a print shop that can guide her through making prints of her originals which is the next part of building her business. We’ll cover that in our next episode with Julz but for now let’s take a peek at where she’s at in her journey.