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As an artist, being creative while dealing with the day-to-day necessities of running a business can present a significant challenge. Getting caught up in building and maintaining your business can take away from time spent creating the art that drives it. This imbalance can inhibit an artist’s growth and is something The Artist’s Corner is here to help address.


In this episode of The Artist’s Corner Julz deals with her first challenge on her way to becoming a fulltime artist. With help from PSA Prints Julz overcame two significant obstacles to growing her business that she had been avoiding for some time. She digitally captured some of her paintings and used those images to create fine art prints using Elegance Velvet. Amazingly while getting her prints made someone saw them and purchased them as they were being printed. Before she even left the print shop the cost of her digital capture and prints had been covered.


With the overhead of the capture and printing costs taken care of the print sales from her next show built momentum that Julz can now use to build her website. With a website, Julz can further establish her brand as an artist and sell prints even when she’s not working. That ability to generate residual income from a single piece of art is what makes the art business so powerful when implemented well, and why we recommend digitally capturing every original piece of art you create.


We look forward to following Julz as she continues to navigate building her business here on The Artist’s Corner and we hope that her example encourages you to take the next steps towards becoming a full time artist.


If you need help on your journey please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our knowledgeable reps and we’ll be happy to help. If you’ve been wanting to create digital prints of your originals but weren’t sure how to do it, reach out to a professional near you by visiting our Creative Service Directory.