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In this episode of The Artists Corner we’ll be checking back in with Uloang.

Since its inception Something Cool Studios has focused on its involvement with the community. By hosting educational workshops, art jams, gallery exhibitions, and collaborating with corporate brands it has become a focal point of the Austin art scene.

With the studio’s success, and his blossoming art career, Uloang has found himself launched into a leadership position. This type of success can be disconcerting for artists who are typically used to working as individuals. Growing a business such as this requires building a strong team, and a sense of community which Uloang is thriving at.

As an artist and business owner if you find yourself stepping into a leadership role there are several important questions to ask yourself. Why are we doing this? What do we hope to accomplish? And how will we get there?

If you find yourself struggling to answer these questions the Breathing Color podcast is here to help. In our upcoming 6/24/2022 relaunch of the BC podcast our new host Demetrius Judkins will be diving deeper into art, inspiration, community, and leadership.

We hope you’ll join us there and look forward to seeing you the next time on The Artist’s Corner.