Watch the ninth Artist’s Corner episode now.

In this episode of The Artist’s Corner Julz pays a visit to her new print fulfillment partner FinerWorks in San Antonio, Texas.

By partnering with FinerWorks for printing and fulfillment Julz is leaving herself more time to focus on creating original art and building her brand.

As a growing artist you too will need to choose whether to outsource your printing/fulfillment or to do it yourself.

If you outsource finding the right partner is essential to ensuring high quality reproductions and satisfied customers. This is why we highly recommend using the Breathing Color Creative Services Directory to connect with a fulfillment company like FinerWorks that is experienced at reproducing and shipping fine art.

In our next episode we’ll take you on a tour of the Finerworks facility and talk with their founder about what it takes to be a great print shop.

We hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to seeing you next time on The Artist’s Corner.