Watch the First Artist’s Corner Episode Now.

Our first artist, Alex Ramos, is a member of the Breathing Color family, and the inspiration for this concept. He moved from El Paso to Austin two years ago and started working with us in October of 2020. He’s talented, ambitious, and we think you’re going to learn a lot from his journey.

Many artists face the same dilemma as Alex in that they want to become full time artists, but generating enough sales to do so is challenging. By digitally capturing art, you gain the ability to sell prints indefinitely, and is why when creating an original piece, digitally capturing it should be your very next step.

When we see Alex again, we’ll be taking him through the process of capturing his original art. We will start to introduce you to the other artists, who are at varying points in their careers and who are all trying to answer the same questions. How can I spend more of my time as an artist?