third party ink

Using Piezography ink sets, Epson’s ABW Mode, and RIP software for great-looking and cost-effective custom solutions.

Professional photographer and printmaker Renée Besta calls in to the show to answer listener questions on advanced ink techniques. Listen in as Renée covers using Epson’s ABW mode for black and white images, as well as some of her favorite third party ink sets and how to safely use them to get great results.

  • How long to wait after coating before stretching
  • How environment impacts dry time
  • Piezography – what is it, how does it work?
  • Do third party inks void the manufacturer warranty?
  • The best inks on the market aren’t made by Epson
  • Saving money with refillable ink carts
  • Getting great black and white images – is Epson’s ABW mode the way to go?
  • Split-toning black and white images
  • Eric Chan’s custom ABW profiles
  • Using QuadTone RIP

Listen in to learn about third party ink

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