Tools of the Trade

Printmaking is a craft – it’s art, it’s science, and we love it. But to do it well? You’ll need some tools.


Most of the information out there for our craft is either sales-ey, just straight bad, incomplete, or often times non-existent. This is our attempt at fixing this problem and sparing you further hours burned wading through lousy results on Google.


Below, we have curated all the best information on the net – via blog posts, podcasts, videos, forum posts, professional and consumer reviews, and more – on the various different devices below.


The page will be updated often as we continue to add more tools.


If you are looking to do your homework, it’s our hope that this page will help.


Epson Stylus Pro Series

Epson Stylus Photo Series

Epson SureColor Series

Canon Large Format

Canon Small Format

HP Latex